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New Glasgow, PEI

New Glasgow has a vibrant and busy tourist scene, with plenty of things to do and see. There are cozy restaurants, golf clubs, beaches, parks, and a lot more.

What to Do

If you are a nature lover, then you can go visit the Prince Edward Island National Park and enjoy its red sand dunes. The park offers different activities such as biking, hiking, beach exploration, surfing, and more. Visitors enjoy sandcastle demos, historical sites, woodlands, marshes, and dunes. In addition to camping and cycling, visitors are offered plenty of activities such as canoeing and kayaking, golfing, fishing, bird watching, picnicking, and special events. There are great beaches for sunbathing as well, for example, the Brackley Beach, North Rustico Beach, and Cavendish Beach. The Shining Waters Family Fun Park is also a great place for solo travelers and families with children and offers fun activities and attractions (wet and dry attractions) such as turtle coves, turtle twisters, catapults, leisure pools, and a lot more. Other attractions and points of interest in the area include the Cineplex Cinemas New Glasgow, Carmichael Stewart House Museum, New Glasgow Town Hall, and plenty more. There is something for everyone, from theme parks, golf courses, and escape games to history museums and theatres.

Visitors enjoy special events and festivals as well, which take place in and close to New Glasgow. Examples are the Guild Festival, Cavendish Beach Festival, Jazz and Blues Festival, Festival of Small Halls, and others. The Cavendish Beach Festival is not to miss, featuring historical reenactments, garden concerts, and top country artists. The Festival of Small Halls is also a great event for visitors and locals alike, featuring shows and artists.

Dining Options in New Glasgow

Visitors of New Glasgow can try Canadian and international cuisine, including Greek, Chinese, Irish, Thai, and American. The East Side Family Restaurant features Canadian and American cuisines and tasty dishes and sides, including grilled potatoes and onions, hot hamburgers, and more. Customers enjoy decent portions, good service, and reasonable prices. Another place worth visiting is the The Appleseed Modern Diner which features a kids' menu, main menu, and brunch menu. Visitors are offered delicious meals, snacks, and soups, along with greens and burgers. Customers are welcome to try tasty means such as the southern fried steak, maple baked salmon, salt cod fish cakes, and chili cheese fries. The West Side Bistro is another place to try great home cooked food in New Glasgow. The owners are friendly and the food service is superb. Visitors are offered breakfast, brunch, and lunch options, including barbeque chicken, butter chicken, California pizza, chicken wings, and more. The Swiss Chalet Rotisserie & Grill is yet another place worth visiting to enjoy tasty food and friendly service. The restaurant offers wraps and sandwiches, ribs, rotisserie beaf and healthy alternatives such as spinach chicken salad, sweet salad with carrots, roasted red peppers, lettuce, sesame seeds, and rotisserie chicken breast. Other places worth visiting include the Joe Chow's Drive-In Restaurant, A&W Restaurant, Glasgow Pub Beverage Room, Pictou County Pizza, etc. There are also restaurants that offer vegetarian and gluten friendly options. The dining scene also features pubs and bars, bakeries, pizza places, cafes, bistros, and more.

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PEI Economy

The economy of Prince Edward Island greatly benefits from established and well-developed sectors such as fishery, agriculture, financial services, and tourism. The main growth sectors in PEI include marine, renewable energy, information technology, aerospace and defense, and others. Sectors that drive economic growth and offer employment opportunities include financial services, food development and production, and small businesses.

Traditional Industries and Sectors


The local economy is driven by traditional industries such as fishery, tourism, and agriculture. Agriculture is still the main sector, with crops such as potatoes, parsnips, soybeans, canola, barley, cabbage, beef, and others. In fact, while being the smallest province, PEI is one of the main potato producing regions in Canada. There are some 330 producers in the province, and potato is obviously the main crop. The number of farms in PEI has significantly declined over the years, however.


Tourism is also a major sector, with plenty of accommodation options, restaurants, cafes, points of interest, beaches, parks, and attractions. The main attractions for tourists include the Victoria Row, Bottle Houses, Wood Islands Lighthouse, St. Dunstan's Basilica, Peake's Wharf, and others. From harness racing, farm experiences, and deep sea fishing to paddling and cycling, the tourism industry is well developed in PEI. There are festivals and culinary, musical, and other events all year round, and artists entertain locals and visitors at fairs, galleries, and concerts.

Private developers and the local authorities helped establish a host of attractions as well. Examples include points of interest managed by the Heritage Foundation and the Prince Edward Island Museum. Tourist traffic has increased considerably during the past years due to improvements such as marketing campaigns, online reservation systems, newly built cruise terminals, and others.


Fishery is also a traditional sector, and there are close to 1,400 inshore fishing vessels and over 4,150 commercial fishermen in the province. Some 8,000 workers are employed during peak seasons. More than 100 million pounds of aquatic species are harvested each year, including estuarials and pelagics, molluscs, crustaceans, ground fish, and sea plants. Catch is divided into several categories, including herring, mackerel, lobster, and others. Crustaceans include spider, rock, and snow crabs. Molluscs are also harvested, including whelks, soft shell clams, scallops, oysters, mussels, quahaugs, and bar clams. Finally, pelagics and estuarials are also harvested, including cultured finfish, silversides, smelts, herring, mackerel, and Bluefin tuna. Other traditional industries in PEI include the service sector, manufacturing, and construction. Mining companies have a more limited presence. This can be explained by the fact that there are only trace deposits of vanadium, uranium, and coal.

Emerging Sectors

Emerging and fast growing sectors include information technology and aerospace and defense. Aerospace repair and manufacturing, for example, accounts for 1/5 of the total provincial exports. Businesses report sales of more than $400 a year. Bioscience is a growing sector as well, with major companies such as Sekisui Diagnostics, Novartis-Aqua Health, Nature's Crops, and others. The IT sector is also fast growing, with a focus on product development and applied research. Focus areas include gaming, mobile and wireless applications, aerospace, financial services, software, and healthcare. Finally, renewable resources are used extensively, and in fact, PEI is called Canada's Green Province. Renewable resources help meet ΒΌ of the energy needs in the province.